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Poker tilting and poker steaming explained

Tilt vs steam poker is a topic that is discussed regularly by poker players. This is because playing while tilting or steaming can severely damage a player’s performance and their bankroll. A variety of events or circumstances can affect a poker players psychological state and these can lead to poor performance including tilting and steaming. [Continue]

Better Odds Playing Video Poker Or Online Slots?

Everyone would agree that winning is far more enjoyable than losing when playing online casino games. However, many players are either unaware of how the available odds on their chosen game can affect their chances of success, or they blatantly disregard them. The odds of online casino games are calculated from the probability of money [Continue]

Become a sit n go poker expert with these tips!

Sit and Go poker is increasingly becoming popular, with the advent of online casino. Sit and Go is favoured by many players especially because it allows for tournament-style poker without having to play for hours or even days. We can say that Sit and Go are the shorter versions of a multi-table tournament. The main [Continue]